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World News Review

Welcome to the new World News Review. The free materials on this site are created by the staff of the IELC Learning Laboratory, a component of the Intensive English Language Center, located on the campus of Wichita State UniversityPlease e-mail us any questions or comments. We are no longer producing new  materials, but everyone is welcome to use the applications in the repository.

There are two types of WNR applications:

1) Internet versions of WNR on the web. The user selects a collection of stories from the year 2002. The student reads and listens to the authentic newscasts while looking for words in the small dictionary that is included with the newsplayer.

2) Installed versions of WNR. These are downloaded and set up on the user's computer. They have scripts, comprehension questions, and are good exercises for students trying to improve their listening skills. See the list of previous versions if you are interested.

          E-mail us your questions and comments